According to reader research, most people name their unborn babies something while in utero. If you are going to be boring about it, that name is usually Bean, Peanut or for the Dirty Dancing fans amongst us— Baby.

Mazzy, as I've mentioned was Yoko Ono, which translates into Egg #1. Granted, this translation is in a made-up language that exists only in my head.


As for the rest of you, you named your unborn children everything from Junebug to Kumquat to Monchichi.

Some of you had sound reasoning for your choices, like Sarah who called her unborn child "Baby Grill" because that's what her little boy would tell people they were having.

Or The Tired Mother who called her fetus "Bacon" because her husband walked in while she was making breakfast and said "How's it bakin' in there?" to her stomach.

And then there were people like Chrissie, who refered to the tiny inhabitant inside her womb as "Madongo", the African word for uncircumcised, just to make for some awesomely awkward moments when someone innocently asked "Why?".

But I had the most fun devising my own reasons for your choices.

For instance, Kristina called her unborn child "Little Dude", which I can only assume means her babydaddy was "The Dude".


Hollie called her unborn baby "Duckie", because that's what she says he looked like on the ultrasound. Whether that means her fetus looked like a long billed pond dweller with webbed feet or a high school outsider with a crush on Molly Ringwald is unclear.


Dolly and Ashlee both decided to express their love for McDonalds, by naming their soon to be children after items on the dollar menu. "Nugget" and "Tater Tot", respectively.


Personally, I think "Sausage McMuffin" would make an excellent in-utero-name as well.

Kurstin called her fetus "Michael Phelps", because DUH, she was high when she conceived him. Or maybe it had something to do with being the strongest swimmer…


If you're like Caro and already have four kids, than it makes perfect sense to name your current pregnancy #5. Just don't tell Steve Guttenberg in case he tries to collect royalties.


(No, that's not Wall-E for everyone born after 1986.)

If you have twins, than the smartest solution to deciphering between them are the affectionate names used by Zenmama: "Thing 1 and Thing 2". I'm sure her children appreciated those names equally once outside the womb.


But I also love Jessica's in utero twin names, "JosA and JosB", pronounced with your best Spanish accent.

If you've got a kicker, then you have a few options. Lil' Ninja, Thumper or my personal favorite, David Beckham. 


Sorry, I couldn't resist including the torso.

Beth says she called her unborn child "Izzy" short for "Izzy a boy, Izzy a girl?" but I suspect, Beth was just a big Grey's Anatomy fan and never got over the departure of Katherine Heigl.


Lastly, there were numerous people who said, when it came to their second pregnancy, creativity flew out the window and they just went with "Number Two".

After careful thought, I decided to save everyone the visual of a photoshopped turd inside a sonogram. But I will say, "Number Two" might be the name most likely to stick around after the baby is born.

You know, when you lovingly refer to your crying tantruming two-year-old as your "LITTLE SHIT".


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