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These last few weeks have been interesting as I try to find the right balance between writing about my newborn, writing about my toddler and writing about everything else. (To say nothing of how that plays out in real life…)

At the moment, Harlow seems to be the one giving me the most material. Although Mazzy, who refuses to be ignored, will turn three this Sunday so I'm sure she will make her presence known.

If you missed anything and you care (admittedly a small subset), here is a quick rundown of Harlow's life thus far:

The meaning behind Harlow's name (no, she's not named after Nicole Richie's first kid)

The Day Harlow was Born: Part One (in which Mike once again prioritizes coffee over taking his laboring wife to the hospital)

The Day Harlow was Born: Part Two (in which I ask every person within arm's reach to massage my ass)

The Eight Stages of Sibling Acceptance (Mazzy gives Harlow a kiss and then gives everyone else the finger)

and lastly…

Newborns are a Piece of Cake (I kick Mazzy and Mike out of the house and spend my time watching Homeland while breastfeeding in elastic pants) 

In addition to blogging on Mommy Shorts, I also blog at Babble. For the past few months, I have been writing for their Being Pregnant section but as of this week, I switched to Baby's First Year. For obvious reasons, I hope.

Check out my first post introducing my baby girl, including new pics from Harlow's first day on earth.


Is the Bedtime Saga Over?

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Last week I wrote a post called Breaking a Bad Bedtime Routine, where I explained how I have somehow let Queen Mazzy rule the house after 8pm.

Well, it's now been a full week of SLEEP TRAINING 2.0 and I believe, we have finally ended her reign.

Mazzy doesn't go to bed without making a fuss yet, but she does stop screaming for us to come into the room after one or two unanswered attempts. Considering what we were doing before (constant check-ins, water refills, book replenishings, etc.), I think that's a success. If we stick to it, I imagine it will only improve.

Also, due to your suggestions, we are working on phasing out her nap.

We took it away this week which definitely helps her go to bed quicker, but the past two days, she has passed out hardcore at 2pm. Once in the stroller and once on the couch— something I have never seen her do before…

So, it's a work in progress.


Who Won the Sticky Chic Giveaway? 

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Last week, I held a giveaway for an ingenious custom-made static vinyl play tray by Sticky Chic Boutique.

The winner is… Sara! Her daughter Lia would like her play tray clothes to include jammies, her signature pink sneakers, and a leopard print jacket.

Congratulations! Please email me at to claim your prize. 


Repurposing Birthdays Presents

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If you are still looking for holiday gifts, you might want to check out my Holiday Gift Guide, which includes the four items in the picture above.

But if you celebrate Hanukah like I do, I sincerely hope you've got your presents wrapped and ready. It starts Saturday!

Or, if your child's birthday is this weekend, like Mazzy's, this gives you the perfect opportunity to repurpose some of their gifts. How much crap does a three-year-old need anyway???

I say— do this shit when they are too young to know the difference.


Speaking of Birthdays…

If you are still trying to figure out a belated birthday present for me (my birthday came and went totally unnoticed on November 24th), why don't you join my facebook page? Better yet, tell a friend to join my facebook page. Or tell two!

I've currently got a little over 9000 fans and reaching 10,000 would be, like the best gift ever.

Well, an all expenses paid trip to Anguilla with a free week of babysitting would be the best gift ever, but I'll settle for the facebook fan thing.

Have a great weekend!

— Mommy Shorts