Today is Cyber Monday, a day when people who don't want to lose a limb in a stampede over a discounted microwave are now free to shop the sales from the comfort of their own home. Also, as a mother currently in DAY 9 of NEWBORN HIBERNATION MODE, this happily sounds like an activity in which I can participate!

Heightened emotions during an online shopping frenzy can often result in unfavorable purchases— like slankets and pajama jeans— so I thought I would help you all out with a holiday gift guide.

In the past, I have done gift guides such as "Last Minute Gifts for Horrible Parents" (outlining common household items you can repurpose as presents), but this year, I put together some serious recommendations and ideas.

The following gifts are mostly things Mazzy owns and loves, with a few things Mazzy really WANTS but probably won't receive, thrown in for good measure.


Clockwise from top left:

Chloe Instead – This book was recently given to Mazzy by my friends at Piccolini. It's about a girl named Molly learning to love her new little sister, even though she gets in her way and ruins her stuff. Mazzy has made me read this book about fifty times since we received it two days ago. Get 10% off your first purchase at Piccolini by using the code MOMMYSHORTS.

Hape Checkout Register
– A toy cash register is at the top of my Hanukah list this year, thanks to Mazzy's continued interest in retail. If you remember, she operates a store out of the bookshelf next to our couch. Best selling item? Poop in a box.

Crocodile Creek Princess Palace Puzzle
– Mazzy adores this gorgeous puzzle meant for kids 3 and up. The picture has a lot of different elements (a unicorn, a dragon, a princess, etc.) which make it easy for little kids to locate the pieces and put them together on their own. If your kid isn't into princesses, Crocodile Creek makes puzzles with jungle animals
and robots, as well.

LeapPad2 Explorer
– If you'd like to reclaim your iPad or better yet, if you never introduced your toddler to an iPad to begin with, the LeapPad 2 is an excellent investment. Yes, the games are way more expensive, but the fact that your kid can't easily navigate from an episode of Barney to a video of Bart Simpson gunning down Barney in cold blood, makes it well worth it.

– These see-through colored magnatized tiles are hands down, Mazzy's favorite toy. I don't know why, but it's the only thing I can suggest that has the potential to shut down a "BUT I WANT TO WATCH TV!!!!" tantrum.

Cloud B Twilight Ladybug Night Light
– The ladybug's shell lights up to display the stars and moon on the ceiling in a variety of different colors. For a kid who hates bedtime or is afraid of the dark, it is pure genius. It comes in a turtle


Educo All Season Dollhouse
– I am currently debating whether to get this for Mazzy's birthday. Since we have limited space, it might be the only dollhouse with a nice enough design to sit on display in our living room.

Early Rider Balance Bike
– Parents swear that balance bikes work better than training wheels to teach your kid how to ride a bike. I can't back this up definitively yet, but we're working on it. I can say— there is no cooler looking vehicle for the toddler set.

Playhouse Kids Rug
– This rug by Luca and Company comes in both a dollhouse and a traffic scene, adding a whole new dimension to your kid's playspace. Just make sure nobody walks around barefoot.

Gazillion Bubble Machine
– I'd get this for Mazzy, if I wasn't afraid her head would explode from extreme joy.

Pelican Kinder Sleigh
– Nothing better than an old school sled to teach your kid to appreciate the winter. Also, I might be Jewish, but I bet it looks pretty perfect with a big bow on it underneath a Christmas tree. 

Circus Shadow Puppets & Theater – Land of Nod sells these awesome shadow puppets complete with a simple fabric theater you can hang in a doorway so your kids can put on a show. They might not even you notice you napping from the other side. Get 15% off all Land of Nod merchandise plus free shipping by using code: SAVE15.

So as not to forget the NEWBORN SET, here are a few items any baby would love…

Well, moms of babies. Newborns can't even see your hand in front of their face.


I PRETZEL NY onesie – Exclusively designed by Piccolini, these adorably hip onesies come in toddler-sized t-shirts as well. Piccolini sent the onesie as a gift for Harlow along with Rainbow Leg Warmers from BabyLegs
and hair bows. Get 10% off your first purchase at Piccolini by using the code MOMMYSHORTS.

Daisy Deer – This adorable little creature from Land of Nod would look perfect on a nursery bookshelf, especially during the holidays. Get 15% off all Land of Nod merchandise plus free shipping by using code: SAVE15.

Cheeky Handmades Bespoke Quilt – This is the quilt I had made for Mazzy so she could mark her side of the room before she was forced to share it with her sister. It would also make an amazing gift for a newborn.

Gosh and Golly Cloud Mobile – This handmade paper mobile might be the sweetest thing I've ever seen. 

As for gifts to give the adults in your life, I have no clue. I don't even know what to get my own husband. I don't know what I want either.

But both of us love coffee, and for that I recommend a Mommy Shorts mugGet 30% off all Mommy Shorts mugs on Zazzle by using the code: 60ZCYBERSALE.



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