1. I’m thankful that my kids are freakin’ adorable because it really makes up for a lot of the annoyingness. Not all of it. But most of it.

2. I’m thankful that my husband is in charge of the kitchen. We would starve without him.


3. I’m thankful for pizza and cereal, on nights when Mike is not home and I have to figure out a dinner plan myself.

4. I’m thankful for iPads and silence.


5. I’m thankful for school because my kids would be doomed if I had to teach them everything myself.

6. I’m thankful that Grammy bought American Girl Dolls for Mazzy and Harlow so I didn’t have to.


7. I’m thankful that Grandma Toby still believes in snail mail so we are guaranteed a card to open on every holiday, no matter how small.

8. I’m thankful to Ruth for taking care of my girls as if they were her own.


9. I’m thankful that the Apple Genius Bar guy somehow convinced me to wipe my entire laptop clean and start fresh. It works 1000 times faster now!

10. I’m thankful for the guy below who told Mazzy to “Lift your arms so I can give your mom a great shot!”


11. I’m thankful to my friend Seri for making it totally acceptable to drink a glass of wine on a playdate.

12. I’m thankful that my friend Emily is my birthday twin (it’s today!) Getting older is so much easier because we get to spend our birthday together every year.


13. I’m thankful that sunglasses help me hide my under eye bags in photos.

14. I’m thankful that ice cream always guarantees a great Instagram pic.


15. I’m thankful for the truffled french fries trend.

16. I’m thankful to my brand partners for paying me to do things like drink coffee and eat donuts.


17. I’m thankful to the people who bought my book!!!


18. I’m thankful to the people who didn’t buy my book but are still planning on it. RIGHT???

19. I’m especially thankful to the people who loved my book so much that they are buying it for all their friends for the holidays!

20. I’m thankful for Harlow’s hip-hop class which is always a bright spot in my week, no matter how horrible that week has been.

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21. I’m thankful to Allie, Pam and Cara, my small but dedicated Mommy Shorts team. It’s so nice not to work on my blog alone anymore!


22. I’m thankful to the fawn filter on Snapchat for making even old people look cute and quirky.

23. I’m thankful to my red patent leather Tieks which might finally be on their way out after about 5000 wears. You have served me well.

24. I’m thankful to my sister for living so close to me that our kids can play together on a regular basis.

25. I’m thankful to the Copenhagen Tourism Board for OBVIOUS REASONS.


26. I’m thankful for my favorite bra. Where would I be without you?

27. I’m thankful for my head band hair trick. Where would I be without you??

28. I’m thankful for frozen waffles. Where would I be without you???


29. I’m thankful to the employee from Club Monaco who delivered an emergency pair of shoes to my book launch party when the heel broke on the shoes I had bought just for the occasion.

30. I’m thankful to Poppy for asking an entire tour bus of people to sing “Happy Birthday” to Harlow all the way from Vietnam.

31. I’m thankful to all my friends who remembered to wish me a happy birthday even though they are busy celebrating Thanksgiving.

32. I’m thankful to my husband for always knowing where my keys are even when I don’t. (Uhhh…do you know where my keys are, Mike? Seriously, I can’t find them.)

33. I’m thankful at least one of my kids knows how to stand still for a photo.


34. I’m thankful to Grandsammy for being the unsung hero whenever I say we are going to Grammy’s house. Yes, I know. It’s your house too.

35. I’m thankful to my friend Daniela for trying to figure out every way she can to get my book read by more people. She even threw me a book reading party at her apartment with all her friends!

36. I’m thankful to the Cookie Challenge for making me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed in my life.

37. I’m thankful to Canada. I like to know that you’re there even if you aren’t really an option.

38. I’m thankful that Sarah Bennett gave us a much-needed happy update on her cancer treatment!

39. I’m thankful to Nigel Barker for being Nigel Barker.

40. I’m thankful the muffin shop has one options without nuts in it.


41. I’m thankful for New York City.

42. I’m thankful you guys are still reading. This was a long list!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope it’s filled with turkey and holiday photo opps!

xo, Mommy Shorts