This December, Mazzy's birthday will fall on Hanukah, causing a typhoon of presents to fall upon my daughter so large, she might forgive us for not celebrating Christmas.

Actually, she probably won't even notice this sudden plethora of presents, since she's been receiving gifts almost daily for about two weeks now.

For what?

I call them "first child consolation prizes".

Every person who gives Harlow a gift, seems to think Mazzy deserves one too. As if my toddler carried the baby for nine months. Where are MY gifts, people? Did you even realize my birthday went totally unnoticed last Saturday? Don't worry, I would have forgotten it myself if it wasn't for my new eye wrinkles singing "How old are you now?" every morning in my bathroom mirror.

Anyway, people have been calling left and right, asking what Mazzy wants for her birthday, for Hanukah and for a 'big sister' present.

I have no idea what to tell them. SHE HAS EVERYTHING. Blocks, puzzles, dolls… Between my mother and Mike's mother, the girl could turn her bedroom into an eBay shop and raise enough money to send us all to Disney World by Spring. Short of painting a larger than life Dora the Explorer mural on her bedroom ceiling, I can think of few things my daughter wants that she does not already own.

That is, until my twitter friend Alyssa (the hilarious @nearnormalcy) sent Mazzy a completely original 'big sister' present that she absolutely adores. 

Alyssa, who creates personalized toys for her Etsy shopβ€” Sticky Chic Boutique, made Mazzy something called a "Fashionista Play Tray". The play tray is a paper doll set made out of static cling vinyl, with a custom 2-D doll (modeled to look like your child) and several different mix-and-match outfits for dress-up.


Alyssa will even make some of your child's favorite items of clothing. For instance, for Mazzy, she made a NY Giants t-shirt, pink converse, an Olivia costume, a Corduroy bear, and of course, Mazzy's Boo.

As soon as Mazzy laid her eyes on the tray, she knew the vinyl doll was supposed to be her. Then I watched her discover one familiar clothing item after another and become quickly enthralled with her new toy.

But don't take my word for itβ€” there's video…


Mazzy played with the tray unattended for the better part of an afternoon. And she went back to play with it the next day and the day after that. A sure sign of gift success.

But Mazzy's not the only kid being gifted a vinyl mini-me. Alyssa has agreed to give out a Fashionista Play Tray (value $40) to one lucky reader. Or, if your kid likes cars more than dress-up, there is a "Vroom Vroom" variety with a winding road, perfect for playing with matchbox cars.

Just follow the giveaway rules below to enter.

And after, you can start brainstorming on my belated birthday present. 



1) You must be a Mommy Shorts facebook fan or subscriber to enter. If you are not one already, you can easily become one by clicking here. Then answer the question below:

What would your child's custom clothing set include? 

2) For a second entry, tweet the following and then tell me you did so in a second comment:

I entered to win the Sticky Chic Boutique #giveaway from @mommyshorts and @nearnormalcy

Winner will be announced next Friday. Good luck!

Note: If you want to place an order at Sticky Chic Boutique, you need to do it by Decmeber 5th to receive it in time for Christmas!