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CONFESSION: When I get a wedding invitation that specifies it’s an adult-only affair, I secretly breathe a sigh of relief. You might remember a post I wrote about Mazzy back when she was two, entitled “World’s Worst Wedding Date.”

Since then, my kids have actually gotten much better at keeping it together at grown-up occasions, especially since I’ve learned to keep a steady supply of lollipops at the ready.

But there are some things that even candy bribery can’t control, as this couple found out on their wedding day. Their vows were very loudly interrupted by their son’s very urgent need to take a poop.

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of parents faster than a poop alert at an elegant affair where fancy clothes are involved. Especially if mom and dad are the bride and groom!

Hey, at least he made his parents smile on their wedding day. What’s the most awkward time/place your child has ever announced that it’s potty time?