First off, I want to give my sincerest thanks to everyone for your awesome response to my big news yesterday. I felt like it was my birthday on facebook. And I can't wait to go on this journey with all of you. (I stole that line directly from The Bachelor/Bachelorette playbook.)

But today is really more Mike's day (Mike being the very handsome man up top with our daughter on his shoulders).

On Tuesday, I held a Father's Day giveaway. To enter, everyone had to complete the sentence "I'm dealing with the dad who…" I was so thrilled by your answers, which were hilarious but also totally endearing, I was inspired to write my own.

First, I'll reveal the three winners, selected by my friend "The Random Number Generator".

The Nautica Watch goes to Lisacng who said, "I'm dealing with the dad who likes geeky, useless knick knacks".

The $50 Minted.com gift card goes to Kande who said, "I'm dealing with the dad who graduated from an acclaimed university with honors in electrical engineering, yet for some reason the dishwasher is too fucking complex for him to figure out".

The Recipe for Men Skincare Set goes to Meg who said, "I'm dealing with the dad who more often than not, elbows me in the head in the middle of the night".

Congratulations to you all! 

Now who am I dealing with?

I'm dealing with the dad who let Mazzy bury him in a pile of stuffed animals as soon as he walked in the door after a 20 hour return flight from Hong Kong.


I'm dealing with the dad who shares a blueberry smoothie with his daughter every morning.


I'm dealing with the dad who stops underneath each tree while carrying Mazzy on his shoulders, so that she can reach up and touch the leaves.


I'm dealing with the dad who cooks dinner every night.


I'm dealing with the dad who refuses to leave the city because commuting would mean less time with his daughter.


I'm dealing with the dad who I totally trust with my child even when he is hanging her upside down and launching her over his head.


I'm dealing with the dad who can sleep through anything, even Mazzy outlining his unconscious body with plastic hearts.


I'm dealing with the dad who is absolutely in love with his daughter.


And Mazzy worships the ground he walks on in return.


I'm also dealing with the dad who randomly decided to give Mazzy a foot bath last night and pulled back the shower curtain in her bathroom to reveal his father's day gift. (He never goes in there!)

I got him a child carrier seat for the back of his bike because that is what he wanted.

Which says a lot about him as a dad, too.

Happy Daddy Day, babe!


If you want to read more about my family trip to Arizona, sponsored by Westin, I'm talking all about it (with pictures!) over on Babble today.