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Today I am writing the mandatory Father's Day gift guide post. Probably a week too late by most people's standards, but if my readers are anything like me, they still haven't made a purchase— so this post is right on time.

I've got Father's Day gift suggestions and giveaways as well as a link to last year's "Scandalous Father's Day Coupon Book" which is really one of my favorite posts of all time. Father's Day last year was right after the whole "Weiner Tweeted His Weiner" fiasco so that might give you some idea of what those coupons entail.

Here are my picks for Father's Day gifts you can wrap in a box (which means sexual favors and binge drinking opportunities are not included, although probably just as welcome).

For the Dad on Permanent Vacation: Nautica NSR 100 Color Watch Series, $95 each


These colorful water resistant watches from Nordica are the Mini Cooper of watches. They are by no means your only watch, more like the fun watch you wear on the weekends. On the beach. In the Hamptons. With an Izod shirt and a canvas lobster belt at a clam bake. The perfect accessory to bring in the summer as well as stand-up to your child's assorted bodily fluids.

One lucky winner gets to pick a watch in the color of their choosing.

For the Dad Who Wants to Kill Your Child on his Bicycle: Yepp's Mini Bicycle Child Carrier, $150

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This gift was personally requested by my husband. Which sounds adorbable. Until I picture them riding helmetless down 6th Avenue speeding through a red light.

Full disclosure: I will probably get it for him. But only if we lay down some ground rules. Like, no riding in Manhattan— except in Central Park. With a helmet. And full child body armor.

The Yepp's funky colored seat come in both front and rear varieties. Buy whichever one won't give you a heart attack.

For the Dad Who Fancies Himself a Lady: Recipe for Men Skincare Set, $108

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It's pretty much a given that men moisturize nowadays, isn't it? The metrosexual thing is over and now eye gels are just an accepted part of male culture. I know this because my own father asked my brother-in-law to get him some ridiculously expensive body scrub for his birthday this year. (That was awkward.)

If your looking for a manly skincare set, try Recipe for Men, a line of products straight out of Sweden that just launched in the U.S. this month. Apparently Sweden, being crazy ass cold, is the perfect place to create skincare products that stand up to the weather.

I've been to Sweden. The men are outrageously good-looking.

Maybe it has something to do with their facial cleanser?

One lucky winner will win a set of Recipe for Men products including a Facial Cleanser, an Anti-Shine Moisturizer and an Under Eye Gel.

For the Dad Who is Still Traumatized by the Time He Stepped on a Lego: Lego Cufflinks, $10

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Lego Cufflinks come in various color combinations so you can match the exact color of the Lego once lodged into your husband's bare foot perfectly. Better yet, get a few and then instead of gift wrapping, scatter them into your living room carpet for Dad to discover late at night. What better way to commemorate fatherhood then with a bloodcurdling scream?

For the Dad Who Can Draw Every Sesame Street Character Without Looking: Minted Journal, Sketchbook or Art Print, prices vary

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I wouldn't know about such a fella but I hear they exist. Minted.com has an array of journals, sketchbooks, stationary and prints all designed by REALLY GOOD DESIGNERS. In fact, each Minted design is submitted by a different artist and then the community votes to decide which items to sell. The result is some really top notch products that make me wish my husband could just learn how to master a circle.

One lucky winner will win a $50 gift card to Minted.com.

For the Dad Whose Culinary Skills Begin and End with Pancakes: Pancake Plates – Set of Two, $45

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Seriously, how awesome is this? These plates sit on a tilt so that when you pour syrup on your pancakes, the excess dribbles down into a handy dipping reservoir of sweet maple-y goodness. Can you think of anything that would make a morning more perfect? Besides your husband actually making breakfast, of course?


If you are interested in one of the three giveaways (three winners will be announced on Friday so while you might not have your item in hand for Father's Day, you can certainly print out a picture), please read the rules below.


Nautica Watch ($95), Gift Card to Minted.com ($50), Recipe for Men Skincare Set ($108)


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