Today is Halloween. A Monday, as we are all aware. Which means that if you're a parent, this is most likely your third consecutive day of celebrating. If you're me, this also means your kid has been wearing the same outfit for the past three days.

I suppose I could have made/bought more than one costume but that just seems ridiculous. Particularly since Mazzy's costume is SO DAMN CUTE.


She's Corduroy, for those of you with less than stellar powers of Halloween costume deduction. That's her at the Bowery Babes Halloween party at the Children's Museum of the Arts yesterday.

27939If you are still in the dark as to the origin of Mazzy's costume, Corduroy is a classic children's book about a bear with a missing button on his overalls (pictured left). It has been one of Mazzy's favorite books for quite some time.

Wondering who crafted this adorable costume? 

HINT: NOT ME. I can't even sew a button on a shirt.

Remember last week when I said there are four kinds of MOM on Halloween? I lied. There are five. Please add "the faux crafter" to the list.

The key to the "faux crafter" is ETSY.


I found a woman named Rhiannon with a shop called Little Orange who sells handmade overalls for toddlers. I asked if she could make a pair for Mazzy in green corduroy and a matching pair for her bear. Rhiannon suggested the purple pocket, I suggested a trade for an ad on Mommy Shorts and a Halloween costume was born. (So please check out Little Orange. The overalls are well made, fit perfectly, come in tons of different colors and will be super cute ALL YEAR LONG!)



It'll be a cold day in hell before Mazzy will leave a hat or a headband on her head, so I searched Etsy for bear ear CLIPS. Barrettes are pretty much an honorary Mazzy appendage at this point and thus possess the least chance of being ripped off in a confused rage.

I found crocheted clips in a shop called "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" and those suckers didn't fall off once.


Note: The clips have felt on the inside (ask for it by request) which they say will ensure a tighter grip on the hair. (IT'S TRUE!!!) 


I got a brown long sleeve shirt from BABY GAP and a pair of faux UGGS from Payless. (Do you know real toddler UGGS cost $90???) Both items will also be worn throughout the year.

I also bought a little halloween make-up kit and was planning on making up Mazzy's whole face. But then, moments before application, I read on the back of the package that it shouldn't be used on kids under eight. So I settled on a black nose and am hoping she doesn't develop any sort of nasal disease that requires her nose's immediate removal.

Now, all that's left is to wear the costume on ACTUAL Halloween.

Which would be today.

I tell ya— trick or treating is going to BLOW MAZZY'S MIND.





What are your kid(s) dressed up as for Halloween?

Also— upload your Halloween photos to the wall of the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. I'm gonna give out best costume awards on Friday.