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I finally get to share the news I've been itching to tell you guys for the past 18 weeks. I think it's 18 weeks… I've lost track. What with all the nausea and the exhaustion and the old episodes of Law and Order. Why am I suddenly obsessed with cop shows that wrap up in an hour?

I am with… fetus.

I would say "child" but now that I have an actual child running rampant around my apartment flinging go-gurt at me at every opportunity, I know that whatever is in my stomach is something very different.

Up top is the visual proof in case you need that kind of thing. Although, I guess I could have swiped it off an "ultrasound" google search and it doesn't prove anything. 

You will just have to trust me. 

Mike and I are very excited about it. 


Excited and TERRIFIED. (We'll explore the terrifying nature of having a second child at a later date.)

Why did I wait so long to tell you? Didn't I realize I was missing out on an endless source of blog fodder by holding off?

Well, generally, I am a pretty optimistic person but when it comes to being pregnant, I am all about worst case scenarios. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster and I just wanted to make sure everything was ok before I made any big announcements.

Telling your blog is a BIG DEAL.

You have to make sure you've told a lot of people beforehand so nobody gets pissed. You also have to make sure your husband and your mother and your sister and your father and your mother-in-law have told all the people they want to tell so you don't steal anybody's thunder.

So as much as I recognize that pregnancy makes for really good material (why else would I have a second kid? for the 3am feedings? HA!), I also wanted to be a bit cautious about the whole thing.

It's why Jews don't have baby showers. Literallyβ€” we don't like to count our chickens before they've hatched.

Oh no! Now I've made my exciting news sound totally morbid!

My bad.

On another sad note (let's keep them coming!), it's been incredibly hard for me to keep up my blog for the past few months. 1) Because I felt like SHIT. And 2) Because I couldn't tell you all that I was feeling like shit.

Normally, I have all this creative energy circulating in my head at all timesβ€” blog posts, work concepts, Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" memesβ€” and instead, that was all replaced by the need to vomit, cry or fall asleep.

Some of you may have noticed that I have been a little off my game. It's why I took a two month hiatus from Babble and stopped responding to comments (even though reading them remains one of my favorite parts of the day), and kind of fell off the social media grid.

But trust meβ€” I don't think you wanted the alternative (i.e. incessant vomiting updates).

Today, I vomited. It sucked. Then for some unknown reason I ate more. And vomited again. I'm exhausted. But if I fall asleep, I fear I'll wake up in a pool of my own VOMIT.

See? That wouldn't have been fun for anybody.

SO. I am proud to report that I am now feeling MUCH BETTER. My second trimester has brought me many wonderful things (like maternity jeans), my creative energy has been renewed and my gag reflex seems to be working again. 

If you are still with me (and I fear I lost a bunch of readers over the past few months), please know that I will not turn Mommy Shorts into a pregnancy journal. Mazzy still exists and it is my understanding that I will still have to take care of her…

BUT. Obviously, the preggo thing will be playing a part. (A pretty big part if my growing stomach is any indication.)

I hope you guys don't mind coming along for the ride.