I worked all weekend. I'm on this huge new business pitch for work and haven't seen my family in three days. Except for when they droppped me off at the office on their way to fun outerbourough things on probably the most beautiful day in the history of NYC. (That's Mazzy up top, right before I abandoned her.)

My husband texted me at around 3pm on Sunday to tell me he had made an offer on an apartment in Brooklyn. I reread the text about five times but could find little room for misinterpretation.

"I made an offer on an apartment in Brooklyn. You are going to love it!"

I'm pretty sure this is a joke but he didn't respond to my response ("You're lying. Right?") and he was sleeping when I got home at 11pm so I still have no idea if I should start packing.

This is what happens when work becomes your priority for a couple of days. 70 degree weather and life-changing decisions made without you.

Thankfully, my pitch is on Tuesday and all should return back to normal. I'll reintroduce myself to my daughter, attempt to make friends with our new neighbors and actually dedicate a sizable chunk of time to some blog posts (Sorry, Babble!)

In the meantime, here's a video from 2009 called MAN VS. TODDLER.

Over 2 million people have already seen this video, so you may very well be one of them. But if you are like me and weren't trolling the internets for toddler fodder back in 2009 (because you were relishing your last year of child-free freedom and thought the internet was a place for people without REAL LIVES), maybe you haven't seen it either.

One last note: pretty sure if I reenacted this video with Mazzy, she would school me at every turn.

Yeah. Not even a shadow of a doubt.