The photo above was submitted to me by Kerry of HousTalkN. It's a photo of her friend Angie, celebrating her birthday with her two sons Dean (the one crying in the corner) and Johnny (the evil one closer to the cupcake).

Kerry said she's been trying and failing to come up with a caption to do the photo justice. I volunteered my services because clearly this photo deserves our collective attention.

It's a tough one because there is so much to work with here. Devastated Dean with four pints of ice cream and a box full of cupcakes just out of reach. Evil Johnny clearly hoping Mom's birthday wish is for Dean to disappear. And, of course, Angie, who is either blissfully ignorant to the whole thing or secretly plotting her escape.

I put some thought bubbles over their heads to help you guys out, but you do not have to follow them. For instance, perhaps it's funnier to imagine what Mom is wishing for her birthday amongst the chaos…


YOUR CALL. Just please indicate who is saying/thinking what in your caption.

Winner gets an AppCrayon from Dano ($9.99). That's right— AN ACTUAL PRIZE. 

Photo (5)

The AppCrayon is the smart little device that taught Mazzy how to hold a pen correctly. After using it TWICE. It's got a triangular shape with a "training grip" that helps kids figure out where to put their fingers. Plus, it comes with a free app that teaches proper letter writing techniques.

Check out Mazzy perfectly tracing a "D" above. As in, "D" for "devastated or "deprived" or… "Dean".

Winner will be announced on Friday. 

Good luck!