It's seems these days, every kid has to have a focus. An area of concentration or special talent with which to impress family friends and gain easy access into college. Or preschool. Whatever.

It's kind of like picking a college major, except instead of deciding which course of study will give you the most freedom to get wasted on weeknights, you are deciding the course of your child's entire adolescent life.  

Are you raising a gymnast, a pop star, an athlete, a beauty queen, a spelling bee champ? Parents must choose and choose quickly or else their kid won't stand a chance at exceling. 

Lately, I've been weighing Mazzy's skills to determine which is the quickest and best route to SUPER CHILD STATUS. But since awards aren't usually handed out to those who sing the ABCs the loudest or those who do the best impression of Tattoo from Fantasy Island, I was forced to explore other options.

Below is PART I of a multiple part series called "Mazzy's Poentially Exploitable Talents".

What do I mean by exploitable?

Talents that can earn her scholorships, cash, and fame so that at some point in the future, she pays off our house and buys us a car. That's not too "pie in the sky", is it?

My first exploration will be of the athletic variety.

This weekend we visited our cousin's house in the 'burbs and Mazzy seemed very taken with the sport of BASKETBALL.

She calls it SOCCER, but that's besides the point.


What do you think? This is basically a free ride for the rest of her academic life, yes?