Beyond the egg dying and the hunts, one Easter tradition that seems to have stuck is having a man-sized bunny appear at your Easter brunch or gathering. Part of this tradition seems to entail finding the creepiest and most threatening bunny costume possible, as if the intention of spooking the kids is all part of the holiday fun.

Parents are then required to force their kids onto the creepy bunny’s lap, even though they just got over the trauma of Santa. And, I might add— the kids don’t even have the incentive of asking for gifts! In fact, the very act of waiting on the line to meet the Easter bunny is probably taking them away from the possibility of finding more candy.

Is it really so surprising that most kids resort to crying?

Here are 24 kids that want nothing to do with the Easter Bunny…

The kid who needs mom to hold him in place:

The kid who did not dress up for this nonsense:

The kid who does this every year:

The kid who prefers to be around REAL bunnies:

The kid who sits as far away from the bunny as possible:

The kid who prays Mom will save him:

The kid who uses her family as a barrier:

The kids who are five seconds away from a total meltdown:

The kids who won’t give the bunny the time of day:

The kid who will lose her mind if you put her an inch closer:

…but you did it anyway!

The kid who doesn’t know how she got stuck with the lap position:

The kid who clings to his dad:

The kid who doesn’t care if she loses her shirt in the scuffle:

The kid who really thinks the bunny might kill her:

The kid who activated his startle reflex:

The kid who is just disappointed that her parents would subject her to this:

The kid who is looking for an escape hatch:

The kid who is screaming “MOMMM!!!!” so loud that dogs are barking:

The kid who is trying to soothe his nerves with a pacifier:

The kid who wouldn’t trade places with her sisters if you paid her:

The kid who is offended on so many levels:

The kid who really plays on your Mom Guilt:

The siblings who are clinging to each other for dear life:

And then of course, there’s my kid, who never really got to meet the Easter Bunny at all: