Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 11.18.32 PMI'm all for "vacationing" with the kid, but from my experience, a vacation with a child/children is not much of a vacation. Basically, you are doing all of the things you normally do (changing diapers, forcing naptime, cleaning food off the floor, etc.) but way less conveniently.

Since Mike and I have the luxury of a free and willing sitter (my mother), on occasion, we like to sieze the opportunity and go away for a night or a weekend by ourselves.

It's only happened one or two times, but oh my god, waking up at 7am and realizing you can stay in bed for the next few hours without someone demanding to turn on Sesame Street, spilling milk on the sheets and dragging your comforter on the floor to make a tent, is the stuff which "temporarily childless dreams" are made.

In other words, if the opportunity presents itself, I highly recommend you take it.

One of my longtime sponsors is a site called Poshbrood which specializes in highend travel for families— recommendations, special deals and bookings. When they contacted me to arrange a weekend vacation giveaway (one for me, one for a reader), I was a little hesitant.

You mean, pack Mazzy up for the weekend, attempt unsuccessfully to all sleep in the same room and not be able to go out or turn the TV on past 8pm at night? 

Oh no no! A trip just for you and Mike! 

Okay, now we're talking. Where did you have in mind?

How 'bout…THIS PLACE:

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 11.03.03 PM

It's called the Blantyre, a Relais & Chateau Property in the Berkshires (about a three hour drive from Manhattan). Since there is no way for me to do it justice (I have not yet been there), I am just going to quote them directly:

"Lying in the heart of the Berkshires is breathtaking Blantyre, a timeless mansion recognized as one of the finest hotels in the world, where guests can experience the re-creation of life and service of a bygone era. Each of the 21 rooms has their own unique identity filled with enchanting art, fine fabrics and furnishings. The property features fine dining, an exemplary wine cellar, spa, and 117 acres of breathtaking grounds to explore including swimming, croquet, tennis, ice skating and walking trails."

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 11.09.11 PM


Sign me up, please!

Wanna come? (Not with me, you can bring the significant other of your choosing.)

Today, Poshbrood is giving away a weekend at the fabulously decadent Blantyre to one of my lucky readers.

The trip is for a couple on the weekend of their choice (subject to blackout dates which include holiday weekends and availability). The package includes luxurious accommodations and breakfast. Room will be assigned upon arrival and will be the HIGHEST CATEGORY AVAILABLE. Room rates go from $600-$2,000 a night and winner will get a premium room so it's easily a $3,000 package.

Time to line up a sitter (my mother is not available but nice try) and enter below!


1) Because this is a very large prize package, you must be a Mommy Shorts Facebook Fan, a Poshbrood Facebook Fan and a Blantyre Facebook Fan to enter. (I promise, it will be worth it.)

Then finish the following sentence in the comment section below: "If I woke up child-free in a hotel room, the first thing I would do is…"

2) For a second entry, leave a second comment after tweeting the following:

I entered to win a super fancy weekend getaway at the Blantyre via @mommyshorts & @poshbrood. #valentinesday #giveaway

Winner will be announced Friday, February 24th.

Happy Valentine's Day!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Susan M! Please contact me at to claim your prize. To read more about the contest results in "Sleep Beats Sex in Unscientific Survey", click here.


Speaking of Valentine's Day, check out Mazzy's "Deconstructed Valentine" on Babble today. This is what happens when a non-crafty mom and a toddler get together to make something special for Daddy. I'm sure he'll love it!