When we started quarantining a few months ago, we all assumed that at some point soon, things would go back to normal. Well, that might have happened if the rules were laid out definitively and everyone followed them, but that’s not exactly how things we went down. My area in New York, which was hit the hardest back in March, now appears to be in pretty decent shape thanks to everyone taking this pandemic seriously. But, of course, that can all go backwards if people start getting too cavalier with social distancing. Many other parts of the country are already seeing their Covid numbers rise exponentially, thanks to states reopening too soon.

It seems like many people are getting increasingly bored of staying home and starting to relax their quarantine rules. Some are taking more risks by opening their bubbles (we have done that with people we know have also been taking quarantine seriously) and others are throwing caution completely to the wind and heading out to bars and restaurants. I also know that most of my fellow parents are sick of distance learning (myself included) and praying our kids will get to back to school in the fall. But, as I saw written in countless tweets and memes over the last week— just because we are done with Covid, doesn’t mean it is done with us.

So, what’s the answer? Well, we have no solid answer. But we do know that if you are going to venture out, wearing a mask is the best thing you can do to lower your chances of getting or spreading the virus. No, it’s not 100% guaranteed, but there is no question that when societies adopt mask wearing as a rule, the COVID numbers start to level out and go down. It protects both you and the people around you. Personally, I find it pretty shocking to see how many people are unwilling to comply, even though they’ve been told this simple concept.

You want life to get back to normal sooner? WEAR A MASK.

There was a time when I thought getting my kids to wear a mask would be next to impossible, but you know what? I WAS WRONG. Turns out kids are pretty amenable to masks, especially if you give them a mask they are excited to wear. You know how your kids pretend to have minor injuries just so that they can wear a Batman or Hello Kitty bandage? It’s kinda like that.

I recently discovered MaskClub, which has tons of licenses to use characters from all your family’s favorite cartoons, TV shows and Superheroes. You can buy them one off or get a subscription, where you get a new mask each month and with each mask purchased. Either way, they give one mask to America’s first responders for every mask sold, through a partnership with the First Responders Children’s Foundation. MaskClub was started in Detroit, when COVID19 first broke out, solely to help their local hospital secure protective equipment. Then, when the CDC started recommending that everyone cover their faces, they started to create coverings for people outside of healthcare too. Now MaskClub has over 1000 different designs including Sesame Street, Superman, Paw Patrol, Jojo Siwa and Spongebob.

I can’t even tell you how excited Mazzy and Harlow were to look at the MaskClub site and select masks to wear in public. There is no greater advertisement for your love of “We Bare Bears” or Gudetama than when it is pictured right across your face.

Harlow practically squealed with glee when she found Ice Bear on the site.

Mazzy jumped at the chance to have her favorite lazy egg prominently displayed. I don’t even need to see her whole face to know that she is smiling under there!

I found myself a little giddy when I found a selection of Friends masks. I had to make the tough decision between the Pivot mask, the Central Perk mask or the classic Friends logo. I went classic.

And much to my surprise, Mike jumped at the chance to wear a Mighty Mouse mask.

Also on Mask Club, you will find Wonder Woman, Gilmore Girls and Snoopy. If your kid loves Kraft Mac and Cheese, that’s there too. If they are obsessed with Dippin Dots, they’ve got a mask for you. Is your kid a raccoon lover like Harlow? HERE’S YOUR MASK.

You can make whatever statement you want. There’s also preppy patterns, animal prints, candy themes, and funny sayings like “rosé goes here.” I know quite a few friends who should order one of those.

So, please don’t tell me that your kids won’t wear a mask, if you haven’t checked out MaskClub and given them the option of wearing Teen Titans Go or Care Bears.

If your husband is giving you a hard time about a mask, show him the options for Cheers, Star Trek and Looney Tunes. Mike was also very excited about a Beverly Hills 90210 mask with Dylan McKay’s photo. Apparently, this is some sort of inside joke with his college buddies. WHO KNEW.

Living through this pandemic is not easy, but we can do it, if we all work together. I thank companies like MaskClub for making masks more kid-friendly. Your kids are going to have to learn to wear them one way or another.


I’m giving away five masks to one lucky winner in the comments below. Just visit MaskClub, pick your kid’s favorites and leave your choices in the comments!


Congratulations to Jennifer A! Please email allie@mommyshorts.com to claim your prize!