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Valentine's Day is tomorrow so I thought I would dedicate the week to "love" (not because I am that sappy of a person but because themes make blogging more fun). Mike will be taking me out to dinner tonight (as per our tradition) because tonight restaurants won't be serving every course in a martini glass ending with a molten chocolate cake that's as hard as a rock for twice the price you would normally pay.

Who will be Mazzy's Valentine tomorrow? That, my friends, is a very difficult question. Only Mazzy knows the answer and she's not talking.

Here are the three front-runners…


Back when I started this blog, there was only one man in Mazzy's life. No, not Mike, although I guess he was there too. I'm talking about Charlie (pictured above). 

Those of you who have been with me since the beginning might remember Mazzy and Charlie's first date. It started badly and ended with the two of them naked in a tub. Check out the video I'll be using against them in the future.

Charlie is still very much on the scene. They even shared a bed together a few short weekends ago while adults attempted to have a dinner party in the other room.


But Mazzy lives in the East Village and Charlie has since moved all the way to the Upper West Side so they're relationship has become long distance. They skype when they can but unfortunately, it's a hard obstacle to overcome.


Every girl has to experience a European love at least once in her life. "S" is from Paris but he's living his preschool years here in the states. He welcomes Mazzy with a hug every morning when she shows up for school. Sometimes more than one in quick succession. I believe a teacher had to intervene once.

We went to his 2nd birthday party a few weeks ago and at the end of a romantic song called "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed", S ran clear across the room to plant one on her. It was like he'd been plotting and planning that moment from the second Mazzy walked in the door.

He did it directly in front of Mike, too. Those Parisians have balls.


Over the summer, Mazzy co-starred in a short film with a boy named Lucas. The film is called "Harry Grows Up" and was written and directed by a friend of mine. (I'm hoping at some point soon, I will be able to share it with all of you.)

In the film, Mazzy played Lucas's girlfriend and as we all know, sometimes it's hard for actors to separate fantasy from reality.

On Saturday, we took Lucas and Mazzy out for brunch.

It was their first time seeing each other in awhile and they barely spoke through most of the meal. 

But then, on our way out, this happened:




Photo (16)


Photo (18)

Happy Valentine, INDEED.

Needless to say, Mike's got his work cut out for him over the next few years.


If you have any babies/toddlers/kids kissing pictures, please post them on the wall of the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. I'd love to do a fan photo album on Friday. (With captions of course!)