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In the Blantyre Weekend Getaway Giveaway sponsored by Poshbrood, I asked what you would do if you woke up child-free in a hotel room and "go back to sleep" was by far and away the most popular answer. So if there are any dads reading, if you are planning a romantic getaway, make sure to pack your porn and some lotion— your wife will be spending the weekend unconscious.

Some other answers that made me laugh were…

"If I woke up child free in a hotel room, the first thing I would do is jump on the bed, cursing like a sailor while drinking champagne out of the bottle. Then I would run a bath, because I haven't been able to sit in a tub since 2003, followed by dessert for breakfast."


"If I woke up child-free in a hotel room, the first thing I would do is scream for help because surely I have been kidnapped."


"I'd trash the place just like I was a rock star…just because I wouldn't be the one that has to clean it up. and then I'd sleep until security came to remove me from the building."


"If I woke up child-free in a hotel room, the first thing I would do is burn my nursing bra and milk stained shirt in The Blantyre's beautiful in-room fireplace."

"If I woke up chld-free in a hotel room, the first thing I'd do is take pictures and post them to Facebook. If discretion is the better part of valor, jealousy is the better part of a kid-free vacation in the Berkshires."


"If I woke up child-free in a hotel room I would silently thank my husband for staying home with the kids. And then I would go back to sleep."

But there could only be one winner of the fabulous first-class Blantyre weekend and that winner was chosen by my friend, "The Random Number Generator".

Congratulations to Susan!

What will she be doing?

Peeing in privacy for one thing. She also falls into the frisky 9% with her response, "I guess I could give the husband attention although he did get me into the predicament in the first place."

Congratulations, Mr. Susan!

(Remember to pack some condoms.)

Thank you to Poshbrood for hosting this fantastic giveaway. If you haven't already, check out their site and like them on Facebook. Poshbrood has awesome recommendations for high-end family travel spots, tons of great vacation promotions for their email subscribers and will even take care of booking.

We've been having our own family vacation this week which is why Mommy Shorts has been uncharacteristically serious the past few days— thanks to two brilliantly informative posts from Dr. B on getting your toddler to listen and Cloud on princess-themed toys that promote math and sceince skills.

Before I go, check out my post on Babble today which continues to explore the issue of building math confidence in young girls with Twenty Awesome Puzzles to Boost Your Toddler's Math & Science Skills.

We'll be flying home from Utah tomorrow so please pray to the "family travel gods" that Mazzy hasn't tired of the iPad.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

— Mommy Shorts