Moss+BallsThis is going to be an uncharacteristically child-free post. If you want your Mazzy fill, I suggest "Shit Toddlers Say" from yesterday. It's Mazzy at her finest and I worked my ass off on it all weekend.

Today I am going to tell you the story of NINE MOSSY BALLS.

On New Year's Eve, Mike and I went to a wedding. For those of you paying attention, the wedding was where I wore the dress made famous in "Crazy Lady Calls the Cops on Dry Cleaner".

Mike's college friend Brian (you might remember him from "A Single Man's Guide to Being an Awesome Uncle") was in town for the wedding and stayed at our place the night before.

As a last minute attempt at a gift, the three of us decided to pool our resources and get the happy couple something extra nice on their registry. We went online where they had registered at Crate & Barrel. Unfortunately, being that the wedding was the following day, there was only one item left.

NINE MOSSY BALLS. For a total of $14.95.

Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 10.54.49 PM

Our intial reaction was disappointment followed quickly by a collective "THAT'S PERFECT!" That was followed by a brief discussion of whether the $14.95 should be split evenly three ways or split in half between the married couple and the single person.

Ultimately, we ordered the balls and wrote a nice note that said something like:

Screen shot 2012-01-23 at 11.33.35 PM
Don't worry, we also gave them cash. Well, Mike and I did. I can't speak for Uncle Brian.

Wedding was awesome. Blah blah blah. Three weeks pass.

Yesterday, the three of us received the following message from the bride in our facebook inbox (please keep in mind, the groom was one of Mike and Brian's best friends from college but we have only met the bride a total of three times):


And since Mike and I are invited to a dinner party at their place next Saturday night, I quickly wrote back:


After laughing a good laugh, reading her message to a few co-workers, and spending the next twenty minutes anxiously awaiting my husband's response to the exchange, this happened:

And if that wasn't enough, about an hour later, this:


Long story short? I really like Mike's friend's new wife.