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It's hard to find time to edit all the random videos I have on my phone into anything watchable, so please forgive me for posting a video of Mazzy's first time skiing (back in February) all the way at the end of March.

Although, since it's still the dead of winter outside, it doesn't seem nearly as unseasonal as I thought it would.

I posted about our trip already (read "Deep Thoughts On Skiing with a Four-year-old") along with a :15 second video clip on Instagram, but people said they wanted to see more.

I did too.

I really need to get in the habit of posting more videos of my girls. Otherwise, they will be buried in my iPhoto library forever.

The video below is one of the best examples of Mazzy's real personality I have on film. She usually clams up when the camera is on and she's never quite herself on The Mommy Show, but I think she was so excited about skiing, she forgot she was on camera.

Behold my adorable, fearless and very chatty little girl…


FYI- after the trip was over, Mazzy told us her favorite part about skiing was the gondola.


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