Have you met Juliet yet? If not, you would be in the minority. Over 13 million people have met Juliet in just three days on YouTube. 

Juliet sings hardcore heavy metal about her dog and her "fishes" while jumping in a mosh pit of stuffed animals and flinging her hair. 

In her spare time, Juliet laughs at my two-year-old* Mazzy and her paltry attempt at internet stardom.

Juliet's next song will be "This Is How It's Done, Shorty".


Today I'm over at Babble talking about The Working Mom's Working Late Dilemma. The post was written yesterday around lunchtime and it's about my decision to go home at 5pm Monday night while everyone else on my team stayed late to finish a project. 

The irony? As I write this, I am currently working late. It's 9:25pm Tuesday night and I'm in an editing studio making up for the work I missed last night. Even worse? The pizza gave me a stomach ache and the jar of Hershey Kisses is almost finished. 

I know. First world problems.


* I almost wrote "softcore two-year-old" and then realized that was TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE.