BestOf2011This time of year, everybody is doing their "Best Of" lists and compilation videos. Many of these list the best viral videos of 2011 and might I just say that if I have to listen to the eHarmony's cat lady one more time, I might start murdering kittens.

Also- someone needs to explain the allure of Nyan Cat (56 million views) because I just don't get it. NOTHING HAPPENS!!! Do you know there's a 10 HOUR VERSION of Nyan Cat? If anybody gets past hour five, they spontaneously animate and go to live with The Littles underneath the stairs.

But none of that matters because around these parts I do not talk about viral videos unless the participants are on the short side, have a limited vocabulary and think "naptime" is a form of punishment.

Yes, we're talking 2011'S BEST VIRAL BABY VIDEOS. Which I've taken the liberty of compiling in the video below.

It's the closest I got to a holiday card this year.



Feel free to link to the best video of your baby in the comment section below. Mine is a toss-up between ABCs on Steroids and Toddler Fight Club.