If you are not on twitter and don't get why people are on twitter, I offer the following as an explanation… Yesterday, someone named Robin Plemmons tweeted this: Picture 17

In my opinion, that tweet in itself is reason enough to join twitter. But if you still don't get it (it took me awhile too), let me continue. If you remember, I have beef with Nutella because they have a moronic commercial that touts their hazelnut chocolate spread as part of a healthy breakfast. (Delicious? YES! Healthy? Oh HELL NO). So we tweeted back and forth a few times and together came up with the concept of "Breakfast Dessert" (because, seriously, who doesn't want to follow their bowl of Fiber One with a cupcake?)

Now if someone amuses me on twitter, I will click over to check out their bio/business/blog. And if their blog is called Balls To The Wall Y'all, as is the blog of Miss Robin Plemmons, then that decision seems all the more worthwhile.

So what is she currently featuring on her site? Her FUCKING AWESOME Valentine's Day Cards. I don't want to spoil it for you by posting them all but here's a taste.


So…yeah. I can't really compete with commentary. Especially when I don't have my own farm animal figurines to arrange in compromising positions. So I'll just tell you that she sells them for $3 a piece in her Etsy Shop— Lemons With A Pea and you should definitely check out the rest of her collection because I learned a thing or two about what words to avoid saying around my kid.

And now I'm off to eat an egg white omlette followed by coffee ice cream in a waffle cone.