Giveaway: Three Month Supply of Huggies Little Movers Diapers (value $216) plus a Baby Loves Disco Party Pack

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A few weeks ago, Huggies invited Mazzy and I to a BABY LOVES DISCO event sponsored by their new diaperโ€” Little Movers Slip-ons. 'Space to dance' is reason enough for me to say "Of course, we'll go!" but just in case I was someone with a busier social calendar, Huggies stacked the deck with promises of free diapers and a meet and greet with Padma Lakshimi. 

Disco and diapers aside, you might remember that a while back I declared Padma my (incredibly realistic!) mom friend goalโ€” since she lives in my neighborhood, has a daughter the same age as Mazzy and is probably itching to have someone ask her repeated questions about Top Chef. (Really? Hosea in Season 5?)

Although, having now met her, I can safely say, I have put my mom friend dreams behind me. Not that Padma wasn't incredibly sweet and gracious, just that next to her I look like George Costanza and I prefer to live in a world where I'm not a short stocky bald man in sweatpants.

To prepare me for the disco, Huggies sent Mazzy a Baby Loves Disco t-shirt, a Baby Loves Disco CD, a pack of Slip-Ons to try out and THE ULTIMATE IN PARENTAL WINDFALLSโ€” 18 Silver Huggies Coupons each good for one JUMBO pack of diapers. That's three months of free diapers! I don't think any payday in the history of ever has made my husband more excited than those silver coupons.


If you don't already know about Huggies Slip-ons, they are designed for squirmy kids like Mazzy who would rather eat asparagus than lie still on a table while Mommy fumbles with tape and tabs. Instead your kid can just step into them and you pull them up while they are standing. I can honestly say, they have cut my diaper wrangling/changing time in half.

Important Note: They detach like a regular diaper for removal. That may seem obvious to most but I didn't realize this the first time Mazzy wore them which was coincidentally also the time she decided to have a major blowout at a restaurant. Translation: I pulled the whole mess over Mazzy's legs and feet to get it off and then used an entire box of wipes to clean her up. FUN TIMES. Also? I'm an IDIOT.

Anyway, I'm not the only one that gets to bask in the glow of a DIAPER WINDFALL. Huggies is giving away three months worth of Huggies Little Movers Diapers (value $216) plus a Baby Loves Disco Party Pack (t-shirt, CD and disco ball stickers) to one lucky reader. 

But before we get to the entry rules, I'd like to talk about the event. Namely, that I thought I was shooting awesome video of Mazzy dancing up a storm with two of her buddies the whole time when I was actually taking really really bad pictures.

Thankfully, life with a toddler is an ALL-DAY-EVERY-DAY dance party. Below is a compilation of Mazzy's best moves.



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2) Tell me your kid's favorite song to dance to in the comment section below.

3) For a bonus entry, post a link to a video of your kid dancing on YouTube in a second comment. (I have dreams of one day making a reader submitted dance compilation video.)

Winner will be announced on Thursday the 24th.


Huggiesยฎ provided me with free Huggies Slip-On Diapers, three free tickets to the Baby Loves Disco event and a Baby Loves Disco Party Pack to compensate me for this giveaway. However, my opinions on the product are entirely my own.


UPDATE: Congratulations to Casey Deuce! Her toddler likes dancing to "Surfin' Bird". Which means her kid might be older than I am. Please contact me at to claim your prize.