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Today marks the first day of the Colossal Cake Smash Smackdown sponsored by Crumbs Bakeshop. Above are just three of the 99 contestants thus far. I actually kicked off the contest on Tuesday when I took Nina (the reader who won last week's giveaway) to a Crumbs Tasting Event in NYC. 

File_1_9At 10am, we sampled all their newest holiday cupcakes including Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake, Red Velvet, Canoli and the ridiculously delicious White Hot Chocolate pictured left. TRUST ME. 

After stuffing our faces with chocolate and sprinkles and cream cheese frosting, Crumbs sent us home with a goodie bag full of MORE CUPCAKES. "Ha!" I laughed, "As if I haven't had my fill of baked goods for the next month!"

Then I found myself digging in later that afternoon. 

But enough about my issues with moderation and on to the SMACKDOWN.

There will be ten winners of the Colossal Cake Smash Smackdown (taking place every Friday for the next month) in categories such as Most Miserable, Biggest Mess and Least Likely to Come Out Of Their Sugar Induced Coma.

Winner of each category will win a Colossal Cupcake ($42 each and they can be delivered anywhere in the country) leading up to the Best Overall Smash on December 9th, Mazzy's birthday. Best Overall will pit the winners of each category against eachother plus a few wildcards. Grand Prize is an $100 Crumbs Bakeshop gift certificate. THAT'S A LOT OF CUPCAKES.

I will be accepting cake smash photo submissions up until the very end. Just post your entry on the wall of the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage and make sure to include your kid's name.

In addition, each round I will be giving away an $18 Crumbs Bakeshop gift certificate in the comment section. You don't need to have a kid in the contest to win.

Make sense?

Alright. We're gonna start the festivities off with Best Shirtless Smash.


Edward in "I Hope The Ants Don't Find Me"


Cadell in "Smurf Village Massacre"


Jack in "There's Gold In This Here Frosting!"


Bella in "Salon Style Hair Without the Salon Style Price Tag"


Eddie in "Is There Something On My Face?"


Ryan in "What Cake?"


Keeley in "Keeley and The Technicolor Dreamcoat"


Lexi in "The 1%"


Derek in "I Will Now Eat The Rest Of The Kitchen"


and finally…

Saelac in "The First Rule of Cake Club Is That You DO NOT Talk About Cake Club"


Voting will continue through next Friday when the winner is announced at the opening of Round 2.



Describe your ideal cupcake in the comment section below for a chance to win an $18 Crumbs Bakeshop gift card. (I suggested to Crumbs that they make a Nutella/Hazelnut Chocolate Cupcake and they said they tried and it wasn't very popular. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???)

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