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On Sunday night, @insta2yearold posted the photo above of a half eaten banana on Instagram, along with her 10 rules for eating that banana. The picture currently has 6465 likes and 854 comments, mostly from parents who found @insta2yearold’s rules a little too close to home.

You know what this means? THE BANANA STRUGGLE IS REAL.

Since I have a close and personal relationship with @insta2yearold (she’s my child), she gave me permission to post her rules on Mommy Shorts as well.


My Rules for Eating a Banana

By @Insta2yearold

1) You must peel the banana halfway down and hand me the whole thing.

2) If the banana is peeled any less than halfway down, I will not accept it.

3) If the banana is peeled any more than halfway down, I will not accept it.

4) If anyone attempts to give me a banana without the peel, I will not accept it.

4a) This includes sliced banana.

5) If there are any brown spots on the banana, I will not accept it.

5a) If you try to cut off a brown spot, I will notice and not accept it.

5b) If you try to turn the banana and hand it to me so I will not notice the brown spot, I will be even more pissed that you tried to trick me.

6) If there are any stringy things hanging off the banana, I will freak out until you remove them.

7) Once I eat the banana down to the peel, I will tell you I am finished and request a new banana.

8) Don’t point out there is still half a banana left, I am already aware.

9) Don’t peel the banana further and try to hand it back to me, that bottom half is dead to me.

10) All of these restrictions will not prevent me from requesting bananas daily. I LOVE BANANAS.

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Oh! And if you didn’t see it, @insta2yearold was featured in this month’s Parents Magazine as one of their Instagram obsessions!

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For what she had to say about that, click here.


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