Mazzy is starting something on Tuesday. I think they call it "SCHOOL". I do not call it "SCHOOL" because "SCHOOL" is something for much older kids. I call it a "toddler-transitions-program-that-only-meets-for-two-half-days-a-week-meant-specifically-for-18-to-24-month-olds". My husband calls it an "insurance policy". Meaning if all goes as planned, this may be our ticket to avoiding the rigorous NYC preschool application process come next year.

In honor of Mazzy's first day of "insurance policy", Crocs offered to send me a pair of their new back-to-school shoes. I think they noticed that in every picture I posted of Mazzy this summer, she's wearing their sandals. (Check Mazzy out here and here and here.)

I have made no secret of my affinity for Crocs for toddlersโ€” they are airy, waterproof, super easy to get on, great for protecting your baby's little toes and look like new every time you rinse them off in the sink. I was actually upset that Mazzy's Crocs would soon be out of season because she's not the kind of kid who will sit patiently while mom shoves her foot into a sneaker and fusses with the laces.

So when Crocs emailed me about their new line (which they say uses "Crocs-like technology to make it feel like summer inside"), I was very excited that there might potentially be a cold weather option that incorporates everything I love about the originals.

Mazzy's been wearing shoes in a SIZE 5 all summer so I took a leap and asked for a pair of the Berry/Pink Lemonade Crocband Sneaks in a SIZE 6.


(Really cute, right?)

But when they arrived, they were way too tight to even get on. I emailed Crocs to tell them their new shoes ran small. She said I was more than welcome to exchange them for a larger size.

Yesterday, I finally got my ass in gear and took Mazzy "Back-To-Insurance-Policy" shopping. This included a stop at a kids' shoe store for additional new footwear.


Note: Do not take your husband with you while shopping for kids' shoes. He does not understand how hard it is to select two pairs of shoes that need to go with everything in an entire wardrobe. Even if that wardrobe is the wardrobe of someone who is not yet two.

I informed the saleswoman that my daughter is a SIZE 6. She attempted to stick Mazzy's foot in a Mary Jane but could barely get it past her big toe. I asked if we should try a 6 1/2. She suggested we measure her feet.

Was Mazzy a 6 1/2?


Was she a 7?


Was she a 7 1/2?


Mazzy is a SIZE 8!!!

I guess that explains why the Crocs didn't fit. Mazzy's feet grew THREE SIZES this summer and she is now destined to run wild somewhere in the Appalachians upon completion of kindergarten.

We hit the Crocs store later in the day and exchanged the 6 for an 8. They are adorable, flexible, airy and since they are still made mainly of rubber, as easy to clean as the originals. Most importantly, they slipped right onto Mazzy's feet. The laces are there for show so you just pull back the tongue to get them on.

Which is great because Mazzy's school has a rule that the kids can't wear shoes with laces.


Did I just say "SCHOOL"?

Sigh. I guess it's time to face facts.


Mazzy is growing.

Mazzy is getting older.

And she's going to SCHOOL with her HUGE-ASS FEET.



Thank you to Crocs for sending Mazzy a pair of shoes and compensating me for this post. Check out their animated video below which highlights their new back-to-school line. You can click on the shoes to send you directly to purchase. Visit their microsite for more styles and a chance to win a trip to San Diego.