Congratulations to Grayson, better known as “The Blooming Onion”! He has been awarded the title of MOST EPIC BABY HAIR!

How did I make that decision? I did not. That decision was made by the people who took the time to vote. But I couldn’t think of a head of hair more deserving.

Equally deserving maybe (I still love you Zoolander!), but not more deserving.

Grayson gets to tame his hair with a $750 cash gift card from Baby Magic (I hear dollar bills can be made into an excellent hat!), in addition to a Baby Magic Gift Set of all their finest baby bath products, including the best-selling Original Baby Magic Hair & Body Wash in the pink bottle.


Because it’s so important to wash an epic head of baby hair as often as possible, all ten finalists will be going home with a Baby Magic gift set. You never know what you’ll find hiding in there— food, bugs, crayons, matchbox cars. Scrub thoroughly!

I want to take a moment to thank Baby Magic for being such an awesome sponsor of this contest. I’d love if you all took a moment to thank them too. If you loved the Epic Baby Hair contest and would like Baby Magic to sponsor it again next year, please tell them how awesome they are in the comment section below. The next Epic Baby Hair depends on it!

This past week, I’ve been posting additional photos of a few Epic Baby Hair finalists to prove they were all real heads of hair on my facebook page. I don’t think anybody has doubted the authenticity of “The Blooming Onion”, but I’d still love to share some additional shots I unearthed from his mom’s instagram account (@jppilates1).

Here you are, from birth to six months— the making of an Epic Head of Baby Hair:













His mother had this to say, “A day doesn’t go by when we don’t get stares, grins, smiles and questions about Grayson’s hair. It’s hard to capture in photos but in addition to the crazy amount of hair and the way it grows straight up, it’s also morphed into a natural ombre. He was born with dark brown hair and at around two months it started coming in RED! Now the tips are brown and the roots are red. Folks are always saying ‘people pay a lot of money for their hair to be that color.’ Best part is no one in our family has red hair!”

I think we all know how much I love a kid with a natural ombre.

And just in case you are wondering what hairy animals could possibly have birthed such an epic head of hair, here they are…



Which just goes to show you that ANYONE can give birth to a Blooming Onion.

Big thanks to all who entered and an even bigger thanks to Baby Magic! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!


This post was sponsored by Baby Magic, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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