Picture 45 When I started blogging, one of the first people I reached out to was a woman named Cheryl who writes a blog called Mommy Pants. I think my email went something like— "Hi! I'm Shorts! You're Pants! We should be best friends!"

Thankfully, Cheryl was more than gracious.

I have since come to look up to Cheryl in many ways— as a more seasoned blogger, a more experienced mom, an exceptional writer and as someone who has graduated to umm… more leg coverage.

Plus she is (one of) the brains behind The Red Dress Club— a community of writers that gives the prompts I often link up to on Fridays.

So when Cheryl asked me to guest post for her today, I was all— "What? Really? Ummm….OK!!!!"

I wrote about my experience breastfeeding throughout my first year of motherhood. Or more specifically, my complicated relationship with my breast pump.

Well, it's not that complicated. I hated the pump and the pump felt nothing. Kind of like my relationship with my retainer in junior high school.

To be fair, the pump made it possible for me to continue breastfeeding while also maintaining a full-time job, so I *guess* that's a pretty cool thing. But when I think about having Baby #2, that boob-milking contraption is on top of my list titled— "Do I Really Want To Go Through That Again?"

(It's right below "complete and utter exhaustion" and right above "trying and failing to get the spit-up stain out of my favorite shirt". What? You thought I didn't ACTUALLY have a list?)

So pop over to Mommy Pants, read my post and check out her site as well.

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