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Want to get in a fight with your spouse? Watch this video to see how "daddying" is done. Then email it to your husband along with the note: Where are YOUR daddy skills, JACKASS? 

Daddy Skills is a rap video made by Sam Dorman (aka Sam Deezy), his childless friend and his two-year-old daughter— and it's making my husband look bad.

To be fair, it doesn't make me look very good either. 

I don't think Mazzy has ever gotten this excited over oatmeal, I haven't cut grapes in half in over a year and I've only got two copies of Goodnight Moon.

Seriously though, this video is not only adorable, but a really great reflection of how much more dads are involved in parenting these days. The other day, Mike asked me to make a ponytail in Mazzy's hair so he could watch how it's done and I have never been so attracted to him in my life.


Would your husband see this video and think "that's me!" or have no idea what a Maclaren is?

Thanks to 'Jrsygirl from VA' for sending the tip!