This week's caption contest was a lesson in accepting the judge's choice whether I agree with it or not. Kathy from iMommy chose Sara from Periwinkle Papillon as the next Caption Contest Queen. What did Sara say to deserve this honor?

"Shhh… Elmo is hiding from Miss Ilana. Elmo thinks Miss Ilana has anger management issues… "

I don't like this caption for three reasons:

1) Anger Management was a terrible movie.

2) Is there a parent on earth who doesn't have "Dexter meets Elmo" fantasies?

3) The truth hurts.

But the Queen has spoken and the winner stands. Plus Sara is one of my favorite new bloggers so I'm happy to give her the crown. Especially since she's obviously read one or two of my Elmo bashing posts.

Here's a few other captions that I thought deserved some recognition…

Most Disturbing Elmo Sex Slave Ring Caption goes to (surprise, surprise) Craig who said:

"I wanted to come to this country to clean houses, do honest Elmo work. They put Elmo in a cargo container for 10 days with just two buckets and so many more Elmos. When we get here, Elmo given needles. And then they made Elmo visit men. So many men. How many men? Let's count! 1…2…3…4…"

The Peta Hates You Award goes to Ninja Mom who said:

"When Elmo steps out he wears a toddler backpack."

The New Favorite Acronym Award goes to Kayjayess who said:

"O.E.G. Bert did not say that to Ernie on the park see-saw! Really?! Right in front of Maria? Oh, Elmo is shocked!" (OEG = OMG in Elmospeak)

The I Smell A Snooki Award goes to Suzi H who said:

"Help! This bus is going to New Jersey!"

And The Oracle Award (for it's unforseen reference to yesterday's post) goes to Amanda who said:

"Help! I've been turned into a 3D tramp stamp!"

Thank you to everyone for playing and special thanks to Ilona of Top Ten Mama for submitting the picture. If you'd like to read all the entries, click here.

Finally, congratulations to Sara, who gets the ultimate prize— the honor of judging the next caption contest as well as the Caption Contest Queen Crown to wear on her blog.

Display it prominently, dear Sara. Because YOU DO NOT WANT TO PISS ME OFF.