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I have enough trouble getting Harlow’s pajamas on, who likes to curl up in a ball and go limp in my lap, making getting anything over her head practically impossible. But I guess I shouldn’t complain because at least I don’t also have to dress a set of triplets!

Have you heard of the expression “herding cats”? That’s what comes to mind when I watch this video of a poor mom wrestling her triplets plus her 2 year-old daughter into pajamas. 

While the video is only two minutes long, it was filmed in time-lapse so who knows how long it actually took to get all four kids ready for bed. Honestly, it looks like dressing the squirming, crawling, determined-to-fall-off-the-bed triplets is easier than wrestling the toddler into her pajamas. 

I know at least one person who was ready for bed by the end of this video. Or perhaps a drink? I think it’s dad’s turn to do bedtime next.