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Four year-old Carter Lawson has a hobby–but it’s not playing with Play Doh or riding his tricycle. Carter’s favorite activity is delivering the mail with his neighborhood mailman, Mike Crenshaw.

A lot of kids get excited about looking through the day’s mail. One of Mazzy’s favorite things about our summer house was walking down the driveway to our mailbox to see if we received anything. This is a pleasure she doesn’t get in the city, where everything is under lock and key downstairs in the lobby.

Mazzy would come bounding back up the driveway proudly holding flyers from the supermarket like they had appeared there by magic.


Carter doesn’t just care of the mail, he cares how mail is delivered. Every day Carter waits for Mailman Mike to roll into the neighborhood and then joins him on the local route.

In proper attire, of course.

Mom thinks its great because Carter gets to do what he loves and who are we kidding— IT’S FREE BABYSITTING!!!

Seriously though, it’s super sweet that even an ordinary job can seem amazing to a little kid. Like how Mazzy’s dream is to work in an ice cream shop one day. 

Who would your kid shadow for the day if they could?

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