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Mazzy has been singing the Frozen songs non-stop. She knows three of them by heart— "Do You Want to Build a Snowman", "Let It Go", and "Reprise of For the First Time in Forever". That's the one in the ice castle which is mainly dialogue and yes, Mazzy does ALL the dialogue. By herself.

I find the whole thing adorable, and the memorization INCREDIBLE, but it's not like she's the next Shirley Temple or anything. I caught them all on video but I've been debating whether to share them with you. 

While I think about it, I'm gonna post a video of a family who has the Frozen thing DOWN. Sure, they skirt the singing issue by lip syncing the whole thing, but this is seriously the best lip syncing I've ever seen. 

Best part? 

The kid in the back seat who doesn't seem to have a clue her parents are hamming it up in the front. Either that or her parents do this kind of thing all the time and it's just a regular drive in the family car.

Probably the latter. How else would they have gotten so good??

Thanks to BK for telling me about this video. If you've got a tip, just post it on the Mommy Shorts facebook page.