This morning, Harlow and Mazzy didn’t wake up and run into our room like usual. I had to go in and wake them up. When I woke Harlow up, she groaned a bit and said she was tired, curling herself further into a ball. But today, was no ordinary day.

“Harlow,” I reminded her. “Do you know what day it is?”

Suddenly , her eyes snapped open, her body shot upright and her head nodded vigorously. “Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!!!!”

And with that, Mike swooped into the room and yelled, “Happy Birthday, Harlow Barlow!!!!”

Mazzy told her little sister that she had to go outside the room to see what Mommy made for her. Actually, the night before, Mazzy had told Harlow that Mommy makes something very special to surprise you on the morning of your birthday. I was like, “Uhhh…right.” Guess I have to get to work? I actually remember someone telling me a few years ago, to be careful not to set your kids expectations too high with their birthdays, the tooth fairy, etc. because then you will have to do it for each of your kids every year. THIS IS VERY TRUE.

As required, I made it happen.


It was worth it.

Then I got the kids ready and took Harlow to school, fighting with her that she had to wear her rain boots instead of her sparkly gold shoes. Later in the day, Mike and I visited her class to celebrate her birthday by eating cake and reading her favorite books. She picked “Fancy Nancy” and “Can I Eat That?” I read “Fancy Nancy” to the class and then Harlow insisted on reading “Can I Eat That?” because she pretty much has it memorized. Part of me thinks she has been specifically prepping for this day for quite some time.

Then we ate a homemade birthday cake baked by her class that was split down the middle, half covered in pink icing and half in purple. Apparently, that was Harlow’s request which sounds about right.


That wasn’t the first birthday cake Harlow’s gotten on her 4th birthday, mind you. That was the third.

The first was at her birthday party this past weekend, which I’ll post about tomorrow. And the second was at a birthday brunch that Little Miss Party threw her as a morning after party, because Gavin and Luke weren’t able to come the day before.


It was adorable, like everything Little Miss Party does (you should check out her easy peasy parties in a box), and way more photogenic than the party I had thrown myself.


Harlow didn’t care about the decor. She was only interested in the cake.


Here she is waiting very patiently as Seri lights the candles.


Here she is fully mesmerized when the cake came back out fully lit.


Here she is about to blow out the candles. (Can you tell I just like these pictures and want to post as many of them as possible?)


Here she is succeeding.


Here she is like, “Awwww, yeah, I got myself some cake.”


Here’s Mazzy and Harlow comparing their slices to make sure they have even amounts of cake.


And here’s Mazzy about to steal her slice.


When I come home from work tonight, I’m bringing one more cake for us to celebrate as a family on the actual day.

Happy birthday, my sweet baby girl! I hope throughout your whole life, you get ALL THE CAKE.