As many of you are probably aware, yesterday was the first Baby Takeover Day starring Mazzy's boyfriend, Charlie. Mommy Shorts, I'm happy to report, had record-breaking traffic. Which is awesome— except for one thing. Mazzy is PISSED. She had a hard enough time dealing with the fact that Charlie was hogging her Mommy Shorts spotlight, so you can imagine how horrified she was to learn that people showed up in droves to read posts that were about something other than herself.

SO. For the purposes of maintaining the peace, I told her the additional traffic was merely due to the shear amount of content yesterday— way more than a regular Mazzy day. Not to mention the additional help from Charlie's friends across the pond. (Charlie's dad is British- Mazzy didn't understand that either). For now, she seems content with that explanation but from this point forward let's agree to pretend that whole Charlie sideshow never happened and get back to the main event. Shall we?