IMG_4954 Today is Baby Takeover Day,
  starring none other than Mr. Charlie
  Shalant Godson. Why? Because
  it's Charlie's birthday today. Who's
  Charlie? Well, for starters he is
  Mazzy's boyfriend. You can see
  Charlie profiled here
and read
  about the beginning of their
  courtship here
. Also— Charlie and
  Mazzy recently went on vacation
  together so I have tons of material
  I've been waiting to share.

  It's going to be a action packed day
  at Mommy Shorts so I certainly
  hope I've got more people paying
  attention than Charlie's Grammy
  and Poppy. (Grandparents—
thank you kindly for your viewership but I've spent far too much time on this for just the four of you).

If you are new here today, in addition to experiencing all things Charlie, please take a look at the Popular Posts link just so you know what the site is usually about. If you would like to organize a baby takeover for your baby on his/her birthday, please contact me at with BABY TAKEOVER in the subject header. We'll talk.