First of all, although I'm liking them all, I must give props to the chicken with the alien from "Alien"  bursting out of his chest. Although on second look, it could be reminiscent of something much much worse. Oy. I almost want to take it down and start over.  Can we just agree to look away and go back to the task at hand?

Mazzy's Halloween Costume. I need ideas. Here are the parameters.

1. Preferably not store-bought. This doesn't mean I can't buy the items at a store, they just must not all come together in one individually wrapped bag that says: Spongebob Squarepants.

2. There must be no complex construction. I don't have time for glue guns and pattern-making. And no, I don't own a sewing machine. I'm also not sure I want to be involved in anything felt related. Alright- maybe felt is ok.

That's it. Overall, I'd like it to be cute, possibly funny, and like I didn't agonize over every last detail. You know that Martha Stewart thing where she says, "Oh this thing over here? It's just a trio of layered canapes sitting on top of an ice sculpture shaped like a seahorse that I threw together this morning between my bath and a cocktail. Easy breezy!" Something like this.

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