As I talked about yesterday, Mazzy is a little pixie. And Charlie… how do I describe him… large? solid? one pound away from a weight class that rivals my own? Let's call him what his mom calls him— HUSKY. Visually, the two of them together are adorable. Additionally, Charlie is as boyish as boyish can be while it doesn't get much girlier than Mazzy.  From the pitch of their voices (Charlie: bass, Mazzy: triangle) to the ease at which they throw around their weight (Charlie: bull, Mazzy: bunny), the two of them definitely take on the most stereotypical of gender roles. This makes the dynamics of their relationship all the more entertaining. When they eat together, Mazzy will pick at the same six peas for a half hour while Charlie will be busy working on his second plate of mac n'cheese. But it doesn't end there…

Charlie is a baby of very few (if any) words. Mazzy knows one word— "Hi!" and uses it relentlessly. While on vacation together a couple of weeks ago, Mazzy would crawl around from room to room searching for Charlie. Each time she found him, her face beamed as she delivered the one thing she was desperate to say— "Hi!" Nothing. Pause. Pause. "Hi!!!"  Nada. Now I don't know if it's because Charlie doesn't know how to say "Hi" or because he honestly wants nothing to do with her. Either way, their interactions couldn't be scripted better. The first time they met, we sat them together in a big chair and Mazzy clasped her little paw onto Charlie's shirt and held on for dear life as Charlie shrieked and struggled to pull away while we all took pictures and laughed. This vacation was no different. When we sat them in adjacent car seats while we drove to lunch, Mazzy just jibber jabbered endlessly while Charlie could barely keep it together. His face said, "Either shut that girl baby up or get me the hell out of here!" Finally, we had him PACIFIED.

But every once in a while, Charlie acknowledges Mazzy, like all the best bad boys tend to do. He'll give her a coy smile, reach out his little hand and Mazzy is the happiest little girl in the world. It's brief but it's enough to keep her coming back for more.  Don't worry, Mazzy, in fifteen years, it will all change. Till then— buck up, sit tight and try to play hard to get every once in a while.

After the jump, more pictures of Charlie & Mazzy, starting with the very first time they met.

Below is a picture from when they first met. Note the horrified look on Charlie's face.


And one from their first formal event.


Look at how enamored she is with him.


And as I said, every once in a while, he gives her something in return.


And here's one last picture of them learning how to do the dishes together, just cause it's super cute.