Mommy Shorts is just finishing up its third week and I really want to thank all those that are paying attention. I’m getting a ton more traffic than I expected and such good feedback from everyone. (I hope you all aren’t lying just to be nice.)

Here’s what happened so far, in case you missed anything.

* Mazzy gave me a black eye and I posted a picture of her pooping to retaliate.

* I gave a short lesson in sleep training only to be schooled by Grandma in diaper changing.

* I made a rookie mommy mistake.

* I tried to wake my husband up by throwing a rock at him, or something like that.

* I talked about baby proofing my own home as well as the lack of baby proofing at The Hamptons Horror House

* I came to the conclusion that Mazzy has a terrible sense of humor but then realized I could be wrong…

* I began to chronicle what will surely become the relationship of the century.

* I bought a stupid rubber giraffe and thus officially became a good parent.

* I called out idiots everywhere for calling my baby girl a boy.

* I coined the term “Parental Tweet

* Plus I posted lots of baby videos (both of Mazzy and of random kids on the interwebs), baby pictures, and baby commercials

Right now, the site is mainly stuff about me and my baby girl but I would love if other moms and dads would contribute any funny videos, parental tweets, or random insights that they would like to share about their own kids. Mazzy’s pretty cute but she can only produce so much material…

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