On Monday, my 8 month old daughter clocked me in the face.  It stung but I did as mommies do- winced, recouped and then went about my business. Fifteen minutes later I had forgotten that it ever happened. For the next two days, I noticed that my eye was a little puffy.  First I thought it was a bug bite and then decided it was an allergic reaction to something.  I took a Benadryl- the answer to everything from hives to sleep deprivation. Then yesterday when I woke up, the swelling had gone down and a big blue bruise was in it’s place. My husband took one look at me and said, “You’ve got a shiner!” And then I remembered- she hit me!- The little devil. In 18 years, I will enact revenge by kicking her out of the house.

my baby gave me a black eye