GIVEAWAY: $110 Tegu Explorer Set (color of your choosing)


UPDATE: Congratulations to Jessica Tillingworth who won the Tegu giveaway and… guess who won the whole Tegu Block Building Competition? ME!!!! I know I have you all to thank, because god knows, my design wasn't the best. Someone built a usable chair, for godsakes! If you don't believe me, you can check out Tegu's announcement here. WOOHOO!!!


Monday night, I got an email from Tegu Blocks inviting me to a block building competition. They said, if I wanted to participate, they would overnight their new Explorer set so I would get them on Tuesday and then I'd have to submit photos of "my team's" entry by Wednesday night.

Well, hell, I have a child and a job and way too many blogging gigs but I've got time to throw together a "team" for a block building competition, right?

If it were any other company, I might have said no, but I have been coveting Tegu blocks from afar for awhile. They are magnetic and beautiful and NOT WHAT YOU WOULD CALL CHEAP. Plus they have a social mission revolving around helping the nation of Honduras.

But I had never actually had the opportunity to play with them.

Also, my family takes our block building quite seriously. Mazzy regularly creates structures that boggle my mind and my dad (a real estate developer and my Tegu Team ace in the hole) who you might know as "Poppy" often visits in the morning to teach her about things like foundations and dry wall.

Ultimately, I assembled Mazzy, Poppy and Uncle Brian (Mike is away this week for work) and spent Tuesday evening trying to WIN THIS THING.

Screen shot 2012-06-28 at 9.46.30 AM

I was part of the team too but as always, I forgot to take pictures of myself.

We made several creations but here are a few of my favorites.

Brian's Barnyard


Poppy's Floating House-tastic


and Mommy and Mazzy's Sesame Street Parade Float


I submitted all of them to the contest and Tegu said they would choose one. They chose the Sesame Street Parade Float. (Thank you, thank you very much.)

Now, here's where YOU come in.

If you want to enter my giveaway for a $110 Tegu Endeavor Set (see color tinted version below), you have to go to the Tegu Block Building Competition Page and vote for my entry.


To enter, leave a comment on the Tegu Competition page naming Mommy Shorts as your pick for the winner. IMPORTANT: When you enter your info under your comment, use to fill out the website field.

My giveaway winner will be selected from the people who voted for Mommy Shorts on Tegu's site. You are not entering a larger giveaway— each blog competing is giving out their own set of Tegu blocks. 

Does that make sense?

Also, please make sure you are either a Mommy Shorts facebook fan or subscriber before you enter. I do this because I want the people who win my giveaways to be loyal readers and not just people who showed up for a free set of blocks.

Thank you and good luck to everyone— including me!