At certain times, I must give credit where credit is due. A few posts ago, I talked about how impossible Mazzy is when you change her diaper– she squirms and kicks and flips over again and again. Well, my mother was over yesterday and she went to change the baby and I said, "No, let me do it. She'll fight you to the death and you'll lose". My mom looked at me evenly and said, "I got it". I shrugged which said, "If you're comfortable risking your future relationship with your granddaughter then by all means, go for it".

My mom put the baby on the changing table, succeeded in getting the diaper off, and then as if on cue, Mazzy flipped right over to show off her bottom. I smirked because I knew where this was going. Unflustered, my mother turned her back over. I wondered if it made sense for me to go to the kitchen to make some popcorn and then come back to watch the show. It could be anywhere from two to three hours before Mazzy had pants on again.  But then—you know what my mother did next? She gave Mazzy her own diaper to play with while she put on another one. Mazzy was totally thrown off her game— she's never had the pleasure of holding a diaper before and was rendered silent and still in the face of this total and complete game changer. I was left staring dumbfounded at this ridiculously easy solution as my mom gave me her "What else you got?" look. 

I tried it the next time and it worked like a charm. Schooled— by Grandma. Figures.