I used to buy Gymboree clothes for my girls all the time, but over the last few years, Mazzy and Harlow’s style has evolved and it wasn’t as much in our consideration set anymore. To put it in their words, they didn’t want to wear anything they considered “babyish.” I saw it more like they were shunning classic pieces in favor of sequins, sparkles and funky slogans.

For awhile, I really struggled trying to find them clothes that we all could agree on, especially with Mazzy. I think she was struggling to figure out what look she was aiming for, too. But over the past year, I think we finally landed on her new style.

Last week, Gymboree sent us clothes from their new collection, which is part of a larger brand relaunch. The clothes are colorful, fun, comfortable and perfect for mixing and matching. Plus, they are filled with a lot of the edgy details that my girls love. I’m guessing that many kids have been going through the same style transition as Mazzy and Harlow and Gymboree is aiming to evolve with them.

Gymboree styled two outfits— one for Harlow and one for Mazzy, which each suited their personalities perfectly. Mazzy got a comfy grey sweatshirt with a sequined smiley face, blue jeans, and rainbow striped sneakers that made her jump around the room with excitement.

Harlow got a blue and red sparkly skirt, a red cherry t-shirt, colorful striped socks, a jean jacket and sparkly gold sneakers.

Harlow called her outfit both “fancy and cool” which to her, is the perfect style combo.

Few things make me happier than seeing Mazzy and Harlow’s faces light up when they open a box of clothes so this was a win all around. A big part of my enjoyment is knowing I just avoided a few morning clothing battles.

Gymboree’s new campaign is all about clothes that make you smile, so I decided to ask Mazzy and Harlow what else makes them smile.

Mazzy said, “Boo, ice cream, unicorns, drawing, acting, Mommy, Harlow, and Daddy.” In that order. Boo is her blankie, in case you were curious. To me, this proves Mazzy might be a big kid with strong clothing opinions, but she’s still very much my baby.

Harlow said, “My blankie, Mommy, Daddy, Mazzy, my whole entire family, myself, Buttons, seeing my friends and my old teachers when I go back to school, ice cream, fairies, mermaids, movies, and being a baby.” When she says “being a baby,” she means acting like one for a game she plays with Mazzy.

Buttons is her stuffed cat that she’s been sleeping with since last September when Mike and I brought it back for her from our 10 year anniversary trip to Napa.

“What makes you smile?” they asked me.

“That’s easy. Seeing you guys smile.”

The best part of this entire “smiling discussion,” was that at some point, while I was taking pictures and talking about “smiling,” the girls burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked them.

Apparently, Mike had snuck up behind me, without my knowledge, and started making faces.

Those were by far my favorite pics of the day.

So. I guess if you really want to know what makes Mazzy and Harlow smile, it’s Daddy making fun of Mommy behind her back. Literally.


This post is sponsored by Gymboree but all opinions are my own.