Back when I was in the Girl Scouts, cookie season meant four things:

1. Pulling a wagon full of teetering boxes door to door to talk my neighbors into buying some.

2. Sitting in front of local businesses to talk random shoppers into buying some.

3. Foisting order forms off on my parents so they could talk their coworkers into buying some.

4. Studying the prize sheet to determine exactly how many boxes I’d need to sell to earn my very own boom box or Casio keyboard.

Based on my experience with Mazzy being in the Scouts (and the fact that I can count on at least a dozen convincing cookie sales pitches being delivered at my own door every year), in many ways, not much has changed. Except you get to sub in an iPad for the boom box. But truly ambitious modern-day Girl Scouts do have some new tactics available—some girls use their celeb connections to break their cookie sales goals, while others turn to social media…and their song parody skills.

This girl and her dad recreated Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” as the cookie-themed slow groove you didn’t even know you needed (as if any of us needs an excuse to over-buy Tagalongs and Thin Mints). No word on whether or not she’s met her goal, but after 4 million views on Facebook, I’m willing to bet she can pick whatever she wants off that prize sheet.

In fact, now I’m wondering— can you earn more than one iPad??? (Don’t tell Mazzy.)

Here’s a great epilogue to this story! Apparently, the dad and daughter above (Seymour and Charity Harrison) went on Stephen Colbert, met Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) and sold him 113 boxes of Thin Mints. Well done!

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