Families belong together. Children should not be separated from their parents or their siblings. The American people should not be arguing over the definition of a cage. Have you listened to the audio file of crying kids being taken from their parents at the border? It made me want to vomit. And then, in an act either so ridiculously stupid or purposefully designed to really hammer their message home (I believe the latter), Melania Trump, America’s first lady, showed up to visit a migrant detention center wearing a jacket that said, “I don’t really care, do you?”


The policy of separating children from their parents is heartless and immoral and one of the lowest points in our country’s history. I know that Trump signed an executive order to end the practice of separating families at the border (the same practice he put in place with his zero tolerance policy, by the way), but that doesn’t do anything for the thousands of kids already separated. Many of those kids have already been shipped across the country (some to NYC in the middle of the night), thousands of miles away from their parents with no plans to reunite them. Also, the new policy allows the government to detain families together in detention centers/camps/repurposed Walmarts/tents/cages/whatever— indefinitely, which might not be as bad as ripping children away from their parents, but it is still awful and reminiscent of some of the worst moments in our history.

I have had many people from Mexico and Central America reach out to me personally, telling me horrible stories of what their families are trying to escape by crossing the border and seeking asylum. These are not criminals. They are mothers and fathers who are seeking safety and better lives for their kids. Any one of us would hope that if placed in a similar situation, we would be brave enough to do the same. Instead, they are trading one nightmare for another.

Our country’s current administration is morally corrupt l and I have no place in my heart for people who can’t see that anymore. This is not a political debate. It is an issue of human decency.

If you’d like to know how you can help, my friends at Feed Our Democracy put together an excellent list of action you can take and places you can donate, along with news updates as they occur.