I often wonder what traits my daughters have picked up from me. Some of them are obvious. For instance, Mazzy and I share a creative side, a love for adventure, and a similar sense of humor. Some traits are genetic, like our tiny foreheads and big heads of brown hair. And others seem learned, like our need for a morning “coffee” before we get the day started.

Every day, for the past seven years, Mazzy has needed a cup of warm milk (one minute in the microwave, no more, no less) served in her favorite Munchkin 360 cup before she’ll even entertain the thought of getting out of bed. Does she do this because it mirrors my need for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Or would she have developed this habit regardless? I can’t be sure. All I know is that once she drinks her “nice and warmy milky” (a name given by my mother), her mood improves dramatically.

I hear ya, Mazzy.

Harlow and I are similar too except in completely different ways. Like our silliness, our sensitivity and our love for breaking out in song. Harlow’s need to  “be fancy” is another quality that my mother would surely relate to me.

When I was little, I was the girl who always wore dresses. If you look back at all my old class pictures, every other girl was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I was wearing frills and ruffles. I’ve widened my wardrobe options since then, but I definitely passed down my childhood fashion sense to Harlow. She is not a jeans and t-shirt girl either. She actually begs me to put on the pink dress pictured below every day, because she wants me to be her “partner in fanciness.”

It’s a bit much for school drop-off, but she was able to convince me to put it on for an at-home tea party.

See? We don’t even have to go out to get dressed up!

For Mother’s Day, I asked you guys to post a photo of you and your mini-me, sharing how you and your little one are alike.

Here are my favorite responses from 40 moms pictured with their munchkins:

1) My munchkin and me both love to sing and dance, even though we are tone def and pretty uncoordinated.

2) My oldest daughter and I are soft spoken and determined old souls.

3) Warren and I are both  snarky, silly, and love U2. He’s my little concert buddy.

4) My older munchkin has my looks, my attitude, and my unconscious eye roll.

5) Adelyn and I are both clumsy, crafty and can stay up all night with a good book.

6) My munchkin and me both hate to go to sleep.

7) Me and my littlest one both love to sing, dance and giggle our faces off.

8) My mini me has always been intrigued by my tattoos. She wants one just like mine, so we find temporary lookalikes for her.

9) She may be my step-mini but she has totally adopted my fashion sense. We are always twinning.

10) My daughter and I are both gifted in math!

11) Unfortunately, my kids inherited “hangriness” from me. You have to keep us fed or else things are gonna get rough!

12) My 8 month old and I like to sit back and laugh at the craziness that his two older brothers get into.

13) My munchkins and I all have the same favorite meal— snack time.

14) My mini-me is a geek who loves words and numbers, just like I do.

15) We both love to ham it up for the camera!

16) My oldest and I are always willing to take on a challenge together! Here we are, after conquering a Color Run!!

17) Me and my daughter are both big fans of overpacking.

18) Aside from the fact that you can’t tell our baby pictures apart, we have the same silly personality.

19) We share the same motto: cute and sassy but always classy!

20) People say we have the same eyes, even though you can’t tell from the picture.

21) We’re not afraid to get goofy together.

22) We both enjoy roller coasters and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

23) We all share crazy morning hair, a love for dance parties and a huge sweet tooth.

24) Me and my girl share a love for musicals. Here we are in Memphis seeing Wicked (again)!

25) We both know how to rock our bed head.

26) My son and I both need our sleep to function.

27) She might not act like me or look like me, but when I’m creating new spaces for clients, she helps me draw out the specs. Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone that my best ideas come from a 5 year old.

28) My girls and I all have the same smile!

29) My munchkins love to take selfies as much as I do!

30) I thought I needed a daughter to have a clone, but I was wrong. We both get louder when we get excited, hate rules, sing at the most inappropriate times and could eat a pint of cherry tomatoes in one sitting.

31) My munchkin loves wearing sunglasses, just like her momma.

32) We both can’t wait for summer so we can play outdoors!

33) We both like staying in bed on the weekends!

34) My little munchkin loves going to the produce market to pick out fresh fruit and veggies, just as much as I do. Best company ever.

35) We all have an affinity for ice cream!

36) We both love puppies and hammocks!

37) We love messy buns, matching t-shirts, and are both big Disney fans.

38) We both like books, drinks, cozy blankets, and a pug on our lap.

39) My munchkin and me both love to EAT!

40) We swim like mermaids and party like unicorns, and then like to build cozy nests to watch movies.

And the winners (selected at random) are…

The winner of the $200 Munchkin gift card is…@mamapiggieinthelbc!

Her and her girls all believe dinner isn’t over until they eat dessert.

The winner of the $400 Munchkin gift card for featuring a Munchkin product in her photo is…Tanya!

Tanya and her son both love being silly and snuggles with Daddy.

Congratulations to both of you! Please email allie@mommyshorts.com to claim your prize!

Thank you, Munchkin for sponsoring this fun Mother’s Day photo contest. In addition to giving out innovative products that make our jobs as moms easier, you also just forced a whole bunch of women to put themselves in their photos. The ultimate Mother’s Day gift!

A very Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who entered!