My Instagram account @averageparentproblems is still going strong. In fact, it was just featured on Buzzfeed as one of the 15 funniest parenting accounts to follow! And just the other day, this photo got the more “likes” than any photo I’ve ever posted.

I really thought that I would have run out of parent problems by now, but NOPE! There are so many! We have so many problems!

Here are just a few recent ones…

Daddy problems:

Bath time problems:

Meal time problems:

Screen time problems:

Work at home problems:

Baby carrier problems:

Safety problems:

Grooming problems:


Pediatrician problems:

Dinner problems:

Activist problems:

Pet problems:

St. Paddy’s Day problems:

Potty Problems:

Bed time problems:

Tissue problems:

Nap time problems:

Store problems:

Bed time book problems:

Clothing problems:

1st birthday problems:

Picky eating problems:

School picture problems:

Present problems:

One on one time problems:

Sleeping in problems:

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