According to TV commercials and the Facebook ads popping up in my newsfeed every two minutes, Mother’s Day is coming up soon! Not only that, but apparently I’m supposed to want either a luxury car with a red bow on it, a diamond necklace that costs more than a bathroom renovation (which is obviously how I measure currency these days), or a giant bouquet of flowers, which…okay, actually, I’ll take the flowers. Since I have to purge my entire apartment before the renovation, I like the idea of a gift I can throw out after a week, guilt-free.

But what I REALLY want for Mother’s Day was summed up perfectly by Deva of My Life Suckers in her latest music video. What we really, really want doesn’t cost anything at all. We want our kids to get along, for someone else to cook a meal for a change, to drink our coffee while it’s still hot…and to have five minutes to watch a good Spice Girls parody uninterrupted.

If you (or your husband—HINT, HINT MIKE) still need some great last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, I have you covered. But here’s hoping you still get that nap, too!