Remember last year when I had a truly remarkable Mother’s Day? This year was a little different.

My Mother’s Day started with breakfast in bed. Challah French toast which is my favorite. I got a handmade card from Harlow which was obviously made two seconds before she gave it to me, but that’s fine. Mazzy made me a bracelet, which I love. Per her request, I pretended that I had never seen it before even though I helped her put on the clasp the night before.

Breakfast was lovely, even if the thought of actually eating in bed seemed like a disaster waiting to happen and I ended up bringing it into the kitchen to eat. We all sat down at the dining room table and Mike asked the kids to each name five things they love about me. Harlow gave some good answers (I’m the best mom she’s ever seen in her whole entire life, FYI) but Mazzy couldn’t think of one.


Then she asked if she could watch TV. Sure.

My mother-in-law came over and hung out with the kids, which was nice. Although, I didn’t realize what time it was until she rang our doorbell, so we were all still unshowered and in our pajamas when she arrived. After rushing around to get everyone as presentable as possible in a short amount of time, we went out for lunch.

I got Thai-glazed shrimp with rice which was DELICIOUS. Mazzy drew Mike’s portrait in crayon, which was him with heart-shaped glasses and a speech bubble that said, “Be a crazy pants.”

After lunch, we packed up our things and drove into the city to meet my mom and sister for dinner. This turned out to be a bad plan because we got stuck in massive amounts of traffic.

MIKE: I told you this was a bad plan.

ME: I don’t want to talk about it.

MIKE: This is why your sister insisted on staying in the city. She didn’t want to deal with the traffic.


The traffic was really bad, which made Mike panic, the kids super antsy and we all thought there was a good chance we would miss dinner entirely. I texted my mother and sister to tell them this.

MY SISTER: This is why I stayed in the city.

I might have muttered the words, “this is the worst Mother’s Day ever” under my breath.

Then Mazzy, Harlow and I all fell asleep and woke up when we got there, which turned out to be only 15 minutes late. Woohoo!

After a lot of hub bub about who was sitting next to who and what was on the menu that the kids would actually eat, we ordered dinner.

The food was awful. I am not one who usually complains, but we sent three dishes back that were prepared wrong or inedible. A fettuccine pasta that was so hard you couldn’t even bite it, a bland fish taco with a tortilla that was way too thick and a totally overdressed Cesar salad. I actually didn’t send back the Cesar salad; I just mixed it together with my mom’s underdressed Kale salad and ate that. The staff was nice and took stuff off our bill. They gave everyone free ice cream and all the moms at the table (my mom, my sister and me) free shots of dessert wine, which was very tasty.

Despite the bad food (but excellent service!), dinner was fun because I was with all my favorite people. Also, the amount of food mistakes was almost comical. We even got a group shot taken by a stranger at the table next to us, where every single person was looking at camera.

Imagine that!

At the end of dinner, Mazzy turned to me and said, “I’m sorry this wasn’t the best Mother’s Day. I love you. I love your face, I love when you give me soft tickles on my back, I love that you take me to school, I love that you made me my Boo, I love when you give me hugs and kisses… There. That’s five things.”


And I said, “Well, it feels like a pretty good Mother’s Day right now.”

Then she said, “Every day has bad stuff and good stuff that happens, Mom.”

I agreed, because that’s what I’ve been saying on my blog almost every day since I became a mom eight years ago. That’s what I tell my kids too. We tell each other the best and worst thing that happened in our day every night during dinner. We call it our “boohoos” and “woohoos.”

And so, my fellow remarkably average parents, please share you Mother’s Day “boohoos and woohoos” in the comments!


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